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Helenna's Tinseltown Tuesdays 3.5: Campaign Involvement and Social Activism

Helenna’s Tinseltown Tuesdays 3.5: Campaign Involvement and Social Activism

June 08, 2010

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Venturing into the heart of Hollywood, or at the very least, its toe.

Helenna’s Tinseltown Tuesdays is a web series that mixes documentary style vlogging with reality TV storytelling. Join Helenna every Tuesday as she builds her own yellow brick road straight to the top of the Hollywood sign.

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    Jeff says:

    You should have your own show on the Ion Life channel.

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    Amro Salama says:

    Really great Helenna!!

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    Robert Keniston says:

    Helenna you are truly inspiring. Always a fan or your proactive nature. Cheers to all you do! Let’s have lunch soon 🙂

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    Love love LOVE it. Helenna, your life is SUCH an adventure! So happy to see so much activism and passion through you. 🙂 Thank you for involving others on your journey.

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      Helenna Santos says:

      I love sharing my many adventures and I love that one voice CAN make a difference. Even if just one person sees this vid or a pic from the campaigns and it makes them think for just a moment, then well….that freaking rocks! I’m also UBER excited about the “Big Kids Care” PSA and big red carpet fundraiser that Arc is planning for the end of July. It will be AWESOME!!! I’ll give you more dets when I have them 😉 xoxoox

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        Bonnie Gillespie says:

        Of course! And that’s such a big part of what makes you AWESOME. BEFORE you’re über bigtime, you’re getting folks inspired and ready to be a part of CHANGE and that tells me when you have MORE eyeballs on you, you’ll keep people motivated and inspired to BE change, even when they feel they have only a tiny voice.

        THAT is inspiring and exciting. Thank you for the passion and the SHARE.

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          Helenna Santos says:


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