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Casting Qs: Heidi Levitt, Part One

Casting Qs: Heidi Levitt, Part One

June 07, 2010

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Interview with casting director Heidi Levitt.

Additional credits:
Katie Swain (host)
Heidi Levitt (guest)
Bonnie Gillespie (EP)
David Manship (editor)
David Raiklen (music)
Ben Whitehair (camera)

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  • avatar

    Eli Schiff says:

    Wonderful job, Katie. So informative- can’t wait to see the next one!

  • avatar

    Bill Lippincott says:

    I really like Heidi, and of course, Katie was fantastic!

  • avatar

    Susyn Duris says:

    Great job – looking forward to future episodes!!

  • avatar

    beckaroohoo says:

    This is great! I’m definitely gonna get the Actor Genie app for my iPod Touch. Good info.

  • avatar

    Stacey Shevlin says:

    Thanks for creating this series. Looking forward to learning a ton!

  • avatar

    aaudia says:

    What a fantastic job!! LOVE IT!!!

  • avatar

    Kathi Carey says:

    Having such a blast doing this series … so glad y’all like it!

  • avatar

    Amro Salama says:

    Awesome job Katie and Ben!

  • avatar

    thegenie says:

    Thanks for including me . Hope this demystefies the process and actors get the info they need. That is what we are trying to do with http://www.actogenie.com too. Bravo Bonnie and everyone in the basement.

  • avatar

    Ben Whitehair says:

    aggghhh! So happy to see it live. Heidi was a delight.

  • avatar

    Deborah Cresswell says:

    Omigosh – this is a FANTASTIC series! And it is done so well, so top-of-the-line. I am eager to see more.

  • avatar

    Katie Swain says:

    YIPEE!! I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* this series and had so much fun doing this interview! What an honor it is to be part of such a well produced project!

  • avatar

    Leah Cevoli says:

    Awesome! Great Job Katie!

  • avatar

    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    I so so so HEART this series. It’s like a living version of the column and book I so loved creating. THANK YOU everyone on the Casting Qs team. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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