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Casting Qs: Francene Selkirk, Part One

Casting Qs: Francene Selkirk, Part One

June 28, 2011

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Interview with casting director Francene Selkirk.

Additional credits:
Bonnie Gillespie (EP)
Ben Whitehair (host)
Francene Selkirk (guest)
David Manship (editor)
David Raiklen (music)
Bill Ferris (camera)

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    Kevin Ashworth says:

    “Take a chance” — advice I’ve heard you give more than once, Francene!

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    I love Francene SO much! This is fantastic. Thank you, Francene, for being so dang awesome. 🙂 Queen of props, indeed!

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