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Somebody's Basement's First Year

Somebody’s Basement’s First Year

May 13, 2011

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Celebrating our first year of web distribution! Thank you for visiting Somebody’s Basement.

Additional credits:
Keith Johnson (producer)
Ryan Basham (producer)
Pummelvision (editor)

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    Randy Raphael says:

    Incredible retrospective! I’ve enjoyed every single one of these videos, and I love having Somebody’s Basement as a part of my daily online life! Mad props to all the actors and producers, and everyone who has made this such an amazing community!

  • avatar

    Katie Schmitt says:

    Great Video and great 1st year! Sleep Here Now is so glad to be part of such a wonderful, funny, supportive, brilliant and brave community!

  • avatar

    Deborah Cresswell says:

    Fascinating! Congrats to one and all!

  • avatar

    Robert Keniston says:

    Congrats on your inaugural year and thank you for inviting “A Global Warning” to be a part of it’s launch!

    Cheers to Year Two!

  • avatar

    Helenna Santos says:

    VERY AWESOME!!! oxoxox h

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    Leah Cevoli says:


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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    THANK YOU so much for being a part of our first year! I cannot believe all of the amazing content we’ve had in the Basement. Y’all ROCK! 🙂

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    Kathi Carey says:

    Yep … lots of stuff there. Lots of good stuff there, I should say!

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    Shon Little says:

    Very cool. The first year has flown by. I need to watch that in slow motion.

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