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Betty & DD: Acting for Wi-Fi

Betty & DD: Acting for Wi-Fi

May 06, 2011

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A life-changing event occurs at Betty & DD School of Acting Arts during the season one finale.

Additional credits:
Raymond Schnurr (composer)
Michael Turner (camera)
Markus Baldwin (actor)
Carissa Kosta (actor)
Carl Lundstrom (actor)
Allyson Wilkerson (actor)
Jodi Shilling (actor)
Catherine Gaffney (actor)
Seth Marstrand (actor)

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    Shon Little says:

    Thanks Bonnie and Keith for working it out. Yay Season Finale! Love all my fellow cast and crew.

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    Hee! Great season finale, Betty, DD, and all the actors of Hobart. THANK YOU for being awesome (and sorry ’bout the tech difficulties today).

    GREAT work!

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