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Helenna's Tinseltown Tuesdays 4.4: A New Chapter

Helenna’s Tinseltown Tuesdays 4.4: A New Chapter

April 05, 2011

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Venturing into the heart of Hollywood, or at the very least, its toe.

Additional credits:
Barry Levy (guest, producer)
Kevin Alejandro (guest)
Adam Hendershott (guest)
Sylvia Hendershott (guest)
Mr. Brainwash (guest)

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    Helenna Santos says:

    Thank you SO MUCH everyone!!! I tried to do separate replies to each of you but I kept getting an “unknown error” alert. ;( Love you all and thank you so much for watching and for all of your support for the past couple of years. You are the BEST!!!!!!

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    Amro Salama says:

    I’m going to sooo miss HTT and the “Peace and Love” salutation!So YOU! Continued Success Helenna!Love the outtakes! Great that you shared them. Hilarious!

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    Leah Cevoli says:


    I love the wrong-number clip! lol

    You soooo rock!! xoxo

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    Katie Swain says:

    Aww, I’m going to miss HTT! Thank you for this amazing series. I look forward to hearing great things about your future, Helenna! xoxo

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    We will miss you, lovely lady. Feel free to pop in anytime with an update on your journey. It’s been a fascinating ride and you’ve been so generous to share it with so many over these years (pre-SB too, of course). THANK YOU for your time here!

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