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Casting Qs: Danielle Eskinazi, Part Two

Casting Qs: Danielle Eskinazi, Part Two

March 08, 2011

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Interview with casting director Danielle Eskinazi.

Additional credits:
Bonnie Gillespie (EP)
Rebecca Norris (host)
Danielle Eskinazi (guest)
David Manship (editor)
David Raiklen (music)
Elliot Schiff (camera)

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    Amber Plaster says:

    I just have to say my hair color changes constantly, as red fades as soon as the sunlight hits it, or you take a hot shower! I try to keep as many headshots with varying shades of red to strawberry blonde, but I can’t help if my agent submits a dark red headshot. I wish I had $100 to dye my hair every 6 weeks but I don’t!

    I just had to comment on this! I’m just as annoyed that my hair doesn’t look like my headshot either! Maybe I should submit a less-red headshot… and if I show up fire-red, that will be a good thing….

    Perhaps this is actor mind taffy. But it’s something I worry about 🙂

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    I sooo agree about having just one main look (and maybe a secondary) in the bank of photos, on Actors Access or LA Casting. Don’t talk us out of it! Totally! 🙂

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    Bill Ross says:

    Again, great interview Rebecca! Thank you Bonnie and Danielle.

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