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Hater-Bot: Crack 'em Up Records

Hater-Bot: Crack ’em Up Records

December 22, 2010

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Crack ’em up records.

Additional credits:
Steven Stover (producer, director, actor)
Brett Ryans (actor, effects)
Baron Vaughn (actor)
Alban Jones, Jr. (audio)

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    Don’t you LOVE how much of this stuff is just full-on quotable?

    PS–Got Keith an official Hater-Bot T-shirt for Christmas. Not kidding! 🙂

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    Shon Little says:

    Mr. Cheese too long for the scantron boxes. Ha!

  • avatar

    Randy Raphael says:

    you got that funky fresh smokety smoke…

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