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On the Road with Leah, Ep. 9: Auditions & More Betsy

On the Road with Leah, Ep. 9: Auditions & More Betsy

December 16, 2010

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Always on an adventure and more than willing to take you along! Leah Cevoli gives you a behind-the-scenes look at her life’s journey.

Additional credits:
Neal Halford (titles and graphics)
Keith Johnson (editor)
Rachel Costa (guest)

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    15 pounds? Woman! You GO!

    Congrats on the QVC interview! That’s a huge boost, baby!

    You *know* I’m gonna ask you to try and get Diane Heery to do a “Casting Qs” with you. 😉 Hee! But also, congrats on getting in with her. HUGE!

    And again, your li’l sis is adorable! Such great options for actors in minor markets! AWESOME.

    • avatar

      Leah Cevoli says:

      Thank you!!
      I know, I can’t believe how quick it came off. Well, the beginning. It’s slowed down now, and grant it, I had put on SIXTY… but it felt great to get that first 15 off!

      I’m asking around, it’s all about the camera equipment, obviously for Casting Qs, I need to have 2 cameras (minimum), mics etc. I’m working on it! 🙂

      My sis could do Broadway, if she wanted to,that’s how freakin’ talented she is, but she’s pretty content with her Betsy gig, lil local celebrity here! 🙂

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