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Helenna's Tinseltown Tuesdays 3.19: The Pursuit

Helenna’s Tinseltown Tuesdays 3.19: The Pursuit

September 14, 2010

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Venturing into the heart of Hollywood, or at the very least, its toe.

Additional credits:
Patrick Gallagher (guest)
Kevin Alejandro (guest)
Melanie Merkosky (guest)
Nicholas Brendon (guest)
Louis Lombardi (guest)

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    Maeve McGrath says:

    Loved this Helenna, all the advice resonated with me….FAB…x

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    Bonnie Gillespie says:

    You KNOW how much I love talking about the pursuit. You’ve gotta get down with it, because you’re pursuing a hell of a lot more than anything else.

    Awesome, Helenna. As always. XO

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      Helenna Santos says:

      Thanks Bonster! SO important to “get down with the pursuit.” I just want everyone to see this vid, cuz I love how each person has such FANTASTIC things to say 😉 xoxo h

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