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About: Leah Cevoli

A Philly native, Leah left the East Coast for the bright lights of Hollywood to pursue a life in the entertainment biz. Most notably known as a regular voice actor on Cartoon Network's hilariously snarky "Robot Chicken", Leah has recently begun to make a splash in the horror world. In 2007, Cevoli gained notoriety with her vampire character Scarlett Rose, originally created for After Dark Film's Horrorfest Competition. Scarlett now has a life of her own, making appearances at various cons and signings. 2009 saw Cevoli co-producing and co-starring in her the horror short film, "Body of Work", currently on the festival circuit. She also co-founded the Carnival of Darkness Film Festival and was the official host of Vampire-Con (as Scarlett Rose). Leah is also an accomplished host; having mc'd thousands of live events, from rock concerts, to charity benefits, to childrens' events, many of which were also produced by Cevoli. Most recently, Leah has delved into web-series, currently hosting The Rock and Roll Report, co-hosting Casting Qs, and hosts Livin' On A Dream; a web-series she created premiering here in Somebody's Basement.

Website: http://www.LeahCevoli.com
Twitter: Leahs_Story
IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/LeahCevoli
Other: http://www.facebook.com/Leah-Cevoli