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September 5, 2011, Los Angeles

Somebody’s Basement, an independent web distribution entity, celebrates content produced by and for the underground leaders of the entertainment industry. From its launch on May 14, 2010, through September 2, 2011, a new vid was featured at the Somebody’s Basement website every weekday, in categories ranging from original characters to music, from journal to interview, and from review to premiere. As of today, Somebody’s Basement is on hiatus and the top fan-favorite selections are featured on our main page. All 345 vids from 56 independent producers remain available through the archives. We are grateful to the web-TV community for the constant support of our distribution entity and the producers whose work we’ve proudly presented. Check back for news about the re-opening of our submission page. ’til then, thanks for jamming with us in Somebody’s Basement.